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Thursday, 05 November 2020

Perhaps a false myth has been made with the series of novels and films that emerged as a result of ' Fifty Shades of Gray '. Or maybe not. Perhaps both films and novels have really served to awaken people's interest in BDSM practices (Bondage, Domination / Submission and Sadomasochism). Or perhaps the Gray series has only facilitated the emergence of something that already existed and that people, by taboo, hid. Does not matter. What matters is that this growing interest in BDSM is there. This is confirmed by sales in physical and online sex shops. More and more people are buying whips, spanking paddles, testicle jockstraps, penis cages, fetish equipment, nipple clamps, etc. And more and more couples are looking for BDSM venues in which to start these practices or in which to share their experiences with other people or couples.

The growing interest in sado, for example, is also evident in the number of prostitution users who are looking for a sado escort to introduce them to the mysteries of said practices. That growing interest is also reflected in the luxury prostitute directories and sex dating agencies. Few escort agencies lack among their staff a girl specialized in sado services. And more and more callgirls are offering sado among their services.

But beware: let no whore be deceived. Usually, a whore is not a Mistress. She is not a Dominatrix . She is not a woman who masters the techniques of sadomasochism. And to practice this safely, you must master the techniques used during the appointment.

In the same way that she is not used to being a true dominatrix, a BDSM whore does not have to be or behave, once the date arrives, like an absolute submissive. The sado service offered by a luxury prostitute is usually somewhat light. In the relationship between whore and whore, the erotic tie will come into play. And, most likely, also the spanking or spanking. The cheeks on the buttocks are very effective when it comes to raising the temperature of a sexual encounter. Weird that some horny little scream does not escape when you tip or receive a slap of that type.


But sado, you have to keep it in mind, it is much more than letting yourself be tied to the bed and receiving the occasional slap, a whip or a slap with the buttocks. In BDSM in general, and in sadomasochism in particular, there is room for many practices, and sado whores do not normally offer them all. If you are looking for a date with a prostitute whore for BDSM, make sure before what she is willing to do and what not. If you don't, you may be disappointed. Everything will depend on where your expectations are and what you expect from such a date.

Whoever seeks to experiment with electricity (either on the nipples, on the vaginal lips or on the testicles and penis) must not look for a light for sado. Who wants to experiment with needles or knives and perform blood games typical of the BDSM world, do not do it either. Even gentlemen interested in experiencing the sensations of melting wax on bare skin should not contact a escort girl for sado. We do not doubt that there are authentic BDSM masters who work as prostitutes, but it is not the usual thing. And they are not advertised as such.

Sado whores usually specialize in staging all kinds of role-playing games. In these games, they habitually adopt the Dominant role. They can be the teacher who punishes a student by tying him to the bed and covering his eyes and then fucking him after gently whipping his cock or nibbling on his nipples. Or they can be the guard of a concentration camp who places her detainee on all fours to perform the pegging (fuck him in the ass with a dildo or use an anal plug or a vibrator to penetrate him anally) as punishment. Or she can also be the secretary who blackmails the boss and renders him at his feet, turning him into a dedicated submissive who will willingly accept slaps on the ass and small lashes.

Prostitute for sado sessions

Sado sex workers can play any of these roles and turn the date into an intense, provocative and very exciting BDSM game. In your hands, sado light becomes pure game and one more aphrodisiac to give intensity to a powder that, without a doubt, will be unforgettable for your client.

Rarely, however, when an escort offers for sado service does so by posing as a slave or a submissive. BDSM, after all, is a compendium of practices that are based on the pact and mutual trust between the parties. The sex worker's prior ignorance of the client's tastes and, above all, the personality of the client, prevents the lumi from being able to offer herself as an absolute submissive for a sadomasochistic practice with a client she does not yet know.

That's why hookers can expect what they can expect from a date with a whore for BDSM, but no more than that. That they do not expect sado of the hard one. Do not expect to participate in intensely sadomasochistic experiences. Whoever seeks to live such experiences should look for them in other circles, not in that of the provision of sexual services by luxury escorts.

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