Andrea escort Barcelona

Get to know Andrea a little more

Andrea is a luxury escort who currently collaborates with the escort agency Felina Barcelona. She is a naughty, daring and very nice young woman of Venezuelan nationality.

Contact extortionists

Sexual blackmail of users of sex websites without controls

GirlsBCN is a secure site as it performs many checks individually before posting an ad. This has become very important over time due to the blackmail that users have suffered.


Fisting, a painful sexual practice

Today we will talk about a sexual practice that can be painful, fisting. It involves inserting the fist into the vagina or anus. This last variant is widely practiced in homosexual environments.

Feet lover

Foot fetish

Today we are going to talk about foot fetishism or podophilia, a fetish that although it is not one of the most popular among escort users, it is a service that is usually requested.


Fendom or female domination

Today we will talk about a service offered by some of our escorts in Barcelona or Madrid, Fendom or Female Domination. Better known as Dominatrix, if you want to be dominated by a woman, be sure to try it.


Facesitting, my ass in your face

We love women's asses whether they are upturned or big asses. But there are men who want a booty for something more than riding her but for her butt to pose on your face ... We are talking about Face Sitting

Roman Shower

The Roman Shower or Emetophilia

Roman Shower or Emetophilia is a sexual practice that is rarely offered by escorts, although on occasion there has been an advertiser in Barcelona or Madrid who offered it. Today we explain what it is.

Escorts agency in Tenerife

Escorts in Tenerife, the new bet of SugarGirls

One of the best escort agencies in Barcelona and Madrid opens its doors in the Canary Islands, and more specifically Tenerife. This agency is SugarGirls and promises great moments on the island.

Erotic shower with escorts

Erotic shower with escorts

Fucking in the shower is a recurring fantasy among many escort clients and it is a great preliminary in a sex service since the obligatory previous shower turns into an exciting encounter under the foam ...

Sex in public spaces

Dogging or Cacaneo, practicing fleeting sex with strangers

Can you imagine fucking strangers in a public space outdoors? ... That is Dogging or Cacaneo, very common among homosexuals but a fantasy that many heteros have.

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