Most common fetishes

Most common fetishes

Many of our escorts in Barcelona and Madrid offer fetish services. In this article we are going to describe the most common fetishisms such as latex, feet, etc.

Fetish shoes

Of fetishists and fetishisms

There are many fetishists who require the services of an escort to carry out their sexual fantasies and that is why we thought it was a good idea to dedicate some articles ...


The Black Kiss: Active anilingus and passive anilingus

We continue with the Black Kiss and enter into the details of the active and passive part of this sexual practice. If you never tried it, we will give you a few tips ...

The Black Kiss

The Black Kiss: What it is and how to safely practice it

The Black Kiss or Anilingus is a sexual practice that is in the service letter of many escorts. It is literally about eating your ass and it can be very pleasant ... do you dare?

Huge boobs

Give me a good pair of tits and I'll make you a Cuban

Many of escorts in Barcelona and Madrid offer the service of Cubana that is to masturbate the penis with the breasts. For this sexual practice to be perfect, it has to be a busty woman.

Golden shower with escorts

The Golden Shower, fetish or sexual domination?

Our escorts in Barcelona and Madrid offer the Golden Shower service, usually as people who urinate and in this article we will talk about this sexual practice.

Whores ABDL

The diaper fantasy, the ABDL

ABDL is a paraphilia characterized by the desire to wear diapers, drink from a bottle and be treated like a young child. Many escorts are willing to satisfy this fantasy.

Greek Anal Sex

Delicious anal or Greek sex for friends

Anal or Greek sex is a sexual practice that is gaining popularity among escort users. Many of these girls offer it as a service since it is extremely pleasant.

Erotic Massages

Small guide to erotic massages

Erotic massage for men is one of the most pleasant experiences that exist. If you also want a happy ending, you can end an intimate relationship with the erotic masseuse.

Whores Barcelona

Search terms in Barcelona and Madrid: whores and escorts

Search terms like "Putas Barcelona" or "Putas Madrid" are used a lot in search engines, so escort websites are obliged to use them.

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