Busty woman

A somewhat special fellatio

In the previous chapter we talked about the French Tie and in this one we delved into this exciting sexual practice very common among busty escorts that we have advertised on the web.

The French tie

The French tie

The French tie is the combination of a Cuban with a blowjob ... twice as much pleasure. For this practice we recommend looking for busty escorts who do natural oral sex, in Madrid and Barcelona there are many.

Ballbusting with escorts

Ballbusting with instruments

Ballbusting is considered a risky sexual practice so if you want to start, it is best to do it with a sex professional. Here we explain the use of various erotic toys.



Ballbusting is a sexual practice encompassed in sado that is about mistreating the testicles in different ways. Some of our escorts in Madrid and Barcelona offer it as a service.


Cumshot, Bukkake and Beso Blanco

Cumshot, Bukkake and Beso Blanco are sexual practices related to sperm ejaculation. Here we will talk about them as well as the production of semen.

Facial ejaculation

Facial and body ejaculation

Many escorts advertised in Barcelona and Madrid offer the facial and body ejaculation service and the most daring even, Bukkake. Today we talk about this sexual practice.

Stag and hen parties

Bachelor party with escorts

At stag parties the boyfriend used to give away a striptease with a striper. Today in cities like Barcelona and Madrid, this gift is usually with an escort and with extra powder.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage

We invite you to try a tantric massage with a lingam ending so that you have an incredible cumshot. Tantric sex can be practiced in many erotic massage centers in Barcelona and Madrid.

Tantra with escort

Introduction to Tantra

We are going to introduce you to the world of Tantra and how to locate escorts that offer this service and especially in the cities of Barcelona and Madrid. Do not leave the opportunity to try tantric sex.

Sexual poses for threesomes

Erotic poses for threesomes to try with whores

Our users in Barcelona and Madrid who are used to going with whores, should try trios or duplexes in their different varieties. Here we give advice like fucking with two whores at the same time or fucking one between two.

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