Face fucking

One of the most morbid practices in sex is Face Fucking, or in other words, fucking your lover's face. It's actually a kind of fellatio where the cock comes and goes and the mouth lets itself be fucked. Very popular also with gays.

Deep Throat

Deep throat: from porn to escorts

Many of our escorts announced in Barcelona and Madrid offer the Deep Throat service, something that sounds a lot to us thanks to the porn movie of the same name. If the prostitute knows how to execute it well, it is a real delight for the cock.


Hire an escort for sado sessions

Many men have between their fantasies enjoying a session of sado but they do not find any woman who lends herself to it. That is why many escorts in Barcelona and Madrid offer sadomasochism services.

Tongue kisses with escorts

Tongue kisses and escorts

Many users of paid sex services seek in addition to sexual intercourse to kiss the professional with tongue. Although not all escorts do it, a large majority are willing to kiss with passion.

Escort client fantasies

Fantasies that escort clients can ask for

The fantasies with which some clients go to escorts are very varied. This is basically because there are not many women who indulge in certain sexual practices and that is when you have to go to a professional.

Clubs that organize orgies

Tips for participating in an orgy

If you are determined to participate in an orgy, there are clubs that organize them. But if you want all women to be beautiful and young, then we recommend that you hire several escorts with some friends.


Orgies and bacchanalia with escorts

Orgies, bacchanalia, Gangbangs, Bukkakes, Swingers ... There are many possibilities for group sex and on our website we have several escorts in Barcelona and Madrid who lend themselves to these group sex parties.


Erotic toys for couples

In the era of sex liberation, erotic toys have become an ally in sex relationships, whether alone or in company. A world that you must discover little by little.

Erotic toys for sex

Erotic toys

Erotic toys can be a very important part of sex. An additional stimulus with which you can get to have great sensations and a great idea if you visit a prostitute ... the intimate relationship can be superb.

The positions of 69

Postures to practice 69

To practice 69 there are not many possible combinations in terms of postures. Regarding gender, we have 3 and if you can witness a 69 between two girls, escorts for example, it will be a great show.

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