Pornstar experience

Pornostar Experience: escorts who are porn actresses

The Porn Star Experience is an exclusive sexual service provided by luxury escorts and whores to those men who fantasize about fucking a porn actress.


Pegging: a very intense role exchange

Pegging is a sexual practice consisting of an exchange of roles between a man and a woman. Learn how this modality of anal sex should be practiced.

Erotic mummification

Mummification: a very particular bondage practice

Erotic mummification is part of Bondage practices within the BDSM universe. In this article we do a brief review of this sexual game or paraphilia.

Anal massage

Anal massage: what is it and how is it done?

Within the world of erotic massages we find the anal massage that focuses on stimulating the anus through fingers or erotic toys, do you dare ?.

Lingam massage

The pleasure of Lingam massage

If you want to enjoy a Lingam massage in Barcelona or Madrid, on our website you will find different erotic masseurs who practice it. We explain it to you step by step.


Gang Bang, sex with many men or ... women

Today we will talk about an extreme sexual practice, the Gang Bang, half group sex because it is the same person who has sex with several at the same time and from which some escort practices it

Andrea escort Barcelona

Get to know Andrea a little more

Andrea is a luxury escort who currently collaborates with the escort agency Felina Barcelona. She is a naughty, daring and very nice young woman of Venezuelan nationality.

Contact extortionists

Sexual blackmail of users of sex websites without controls

GirlsBCN is a secure site as it performs many checks individually before posting an ad. This has become very important over time due to the blackmail that users have suffered.


Fisting, a painful sexual practice

Today we will talk about a sexual practice that can be painful, fisting. It involves inserting the fist into the vagina or anus. This last variant is widely practiced in homosexual environments.

Feet lover

Foot fetish

Today we are going to talk about foot fetishism or podophilia, a fetish that although it is not one of the most popular among escort users, it is a service that is usually requested.

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