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1. What is Girls BCN?

Girls BCN is a directory where luxury escorts advertise their services in Spain. The directory is maintained through the rates that the escorts pay to advertise their services. The site was inaugurated in 2003 and has become known worldwide as the website to visit to find escorts in Barcelona and Madrid.

We support both independent and agency escorts, and we apply rigorous criteria before publishing different advertisements.


2. Client area

This section is designed for the site´s clients. While the page is maintained through the rates that the escorts pay for their ads, we consider those people to whom the advertisements are directed as our “clients”.

We are aware of the importance that having an end client has for the site, and we strive to ensure the truthfulness of the ads, their updates and the availability of information available to the user.


3. Browsing tips

The ads are accessed by clicking on the photos.

In the escort area you´ll find two types of ads:

  • Independent escorts
  • Agency escorts

For ads placed by independent escorts the escort herself will usually answer the phone (unless otherwise indicated). In many cases, the escort can receive clients in shared flats.

In terms of agencies, sometimes the telephone is attended by the escort and other times by an agency representative. There are different types of agencies, among them those that simply organise the escort´s schedule and others that also provide a meeting point for the client and escort.

A banner is incorporated into the top part of the profile to indicate whether the advertisement is that of an agency (independent escorts do not have said banner).

You can access the agency´s webpage through the banner, except when the agency does not have a webpage, in which case a standard banner will be incorporated.

Escort agencies

By using the search options at the top you of the page you can search by:

  • Name of escort
  • If men, women or couples are attended
  • By range of minimum rates
  • By age range

The main page will show the escort´s availability. It´s important to pay attention to this point, as the advertiser can have an active ad while not being available.

You can also find the following icons:

  • Foreign languages that the escort speaks: english français ...
  • The advertiser has a contact email: mail
  • The advertiser has a video: video
  • Photos without Photoshop: video

You have selected the mosaic view of the Barcelona and Madrid sections in order to see different advertisements by row. The link to this view is found in the top part of the page

The positions in the Barcelona and Madrid sections are distributed as follows:

  • First 10 advertisements: paid positioning
  • From the 11th advertisement on: New advertisements no more than 3 days old (if there are any)
  • Other positions: Continuous rotation

In the news section you can find the incorporations made in the last week in Barcelona and Madrid. Aside from new advertisers you can also find escorts that haven´t advertised in more than three months.

Direct access to advertised agencies can be found in the agency section. There you can find out more about services offered and view the agency´s different books.

In many cases, advertisers will not answer calls with a unidentified number in order to avoid jokes or false clients. The advertisement should indicate this just beside the contact telephone number.


4. Report an advertisement

Girls BCN has strict filters that avoid the publication of fraudulent ads. However, the filters are not always 100% effective and false ads can be published.

In these cases we ask for the collaboration of our clients, a collaboration that will help to improve the quality of the directory, benefiting both advertisers and clients.

If you find cases similar to the following:

  • Photos that do not correspond to the escort or photos that are outdated
  • Agency advertisement classified as an independent escort
  • Details that are extremely different from reality
  • Other types of incorrect situations

We ask that you contact the directory to explain your situation, indicting the name and number of the advertiser. We will treat said information with the utmost discretion, quickly verifying your version and proceeding by erasing the advertiser’s ad if it in fact is found in incompliance with our publishing conditions.

Our contact email in these cases is:


5. Questions or suggestions

We would be more than happy to help you if you have any questions about how the page works or if you require clarification about information provided.

We strive to improve day by day and we are open to any kind of suggestion. If you have an idea about how to improve the page we would appreciate it if you send it along to us. We´ll study your suggestion and get back to you as soon as possible.

Our contact email in these cases is:


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